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Beer Bars in Thailand - A guide for visitors to the Land of Smiles

Busy Beer Bar

On this site you will find information, reviews and pictures about the Beer Bar Culture in Thailand.

Thailand is known for extreme nightlife, and for many that means the beer bars and gogo clubs  that can be found in many of the tourist areas ... and of course the pretty and obliging Thai girls that hangout there. The bar and gogo club scene in Thailand can be a little overwhelming for some new travelers, but once you get your feet wet the first time you’ll be trying to figure out your next trip back.

I will, wherever possible provide area specific information on Beer Bar locations, however I have not been "everywhere" in Thailand and so I will have to rely on visitor reviews for some of this information.  There are 3 areas (which I call the 3 P's) that stand out from the rest and they are Patong (Phuket) Patpong (Bangkok) and the daddy of them all, Pattaya.  There are of course other contenders (such as Nana) which will get covered, but don't make my top 3 at this time.

Much of my information will focus on the Chiang Mai area, which is not as extensive as others but I spend a lot of time there.

General information and explanations will be located in the FAQ pages

Bar Girls

These girls are what makes the Beer Bar culture work.  They entice you in (if you need enticing) keep you company, play bar games with you and generally make sure you have a pleasant evening.

Most of these girls will go with you to provide other more personal services and the cost of this should be negotiated directly with the girl.  There will also be a small charge (Bar Fine) payable to the Bar for taking the girl out.Come on it

I will provide information relating to my experience with Bar Girls as people, what makes some of them tick and how the process works.  You will not find any nudity on this site so if you are loking for that, please pass us by and try another google search.

I will not provide any information about specific girls and all information is based on my perceptions so others may disagree.

Always treat the girls with repect unless they give you reason to do otherwise and you will gain much respect in return.

Have Fun

The Beer Bars are not all about sex, though there is plenty on offer.  The girls are fun to be with and you can also make some great male friends from the many tourists and expats that visit the bars.  There are the bar games to play and many of the expat bars feature darts, pool and other more traditional pub games.  Try a visit, relax and enjoy yourself.

Staying Safe

The Website FAQ's will also provide information about staying safe.  Beer Bars are great, but people should use caution at all times.

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